Foreign Bodies

Overview of Foreign Bodies

With toys left everywhere and accidents around every corner, small objects can end up in eyes, ears, noses, and other places. When a foreign object is introduced into your body in any way, whether it is swallowed or shoved into a cavity, the situation can be traumatic. Our team at iCare ER & Urgent Care in Frisco and South Fort Worth, TX can extract foreign objects when you have a medical emergency. Our staff can quickly evaluate the severity of your condition and determine if you should be treated in our urgent care or emergency room. Common examples of foreign object removals include:

Foreign objects in the eye

Any situation involving a foreign object stuck in the eye should be treated by a trained emergency practitioner

Foreign objects in the nose

If a foreign object is stuck in the nasal cavity, the most common symptom is pain. It can also cause nasal discharge and/or a nosebleed.

Foreign objects in the ear

While most people think of only children sticking small objects in their ears, adults may need foreign object removal from the ear canal, too. When objects are stuck in the ear, a patient may experience pain, hearing problems, bleeding, drainage, and/or nausea until it is removed. Do not attempt to remove the object yourself because it could lodge the object deeper into the ear or nasal canal and cause more damage.

Inhaled or swallowed foreign objects

Objects that are swallowed or inhaled can be very dangerous for your health and should be removed by a doctor. At iCare, we provide removal of swallowed or inhaled objects in the stomach, such as coins, safety pins, toothpicks, small toys, and more. If objects that cannot be naturally eliminated from the body are not removed, they can cause internal damage.

Foreign bodies in the alimentary tract

The alimentary tract, or the passage between the mouth and the anus, can be blocked if an object is swallowed or inserted into the rectum. If the object is stuck inside the rectum and the body cannot expel it naturally, it can cause internal damage, rectal bleeding, pain, and more.

Seeking Medical Care

Many situations involving foreign objects in the body should be handled professionally by one of our experienced medical practitioners at iCare. While some objects (such as small splinters stuck in the skin or items in the ear that are easily accessible) should be handled at home, there are many cases that will necessitate a visit to iCare ER & Urgent Care.

Any situation involving a foreign object stuck in the eye should be treated by a trained emergency practitioner, as well as any situation involving an item trapped deep in the ear or nasal canal. In particular, if a patient has a foreign object in an ear or nostril and it cannot be seen or easily grasped, do not attempt to remove it yourself. This could lodge the object deeper into the ear or nostril and cause further damage with more discomfort.

If a foreign object has been swallowed or inhaled, immediate emergency treatment is often necessary, especially if it is sharp or restricts the airway in any way. If the item swallowed is a battery, you should be seen by a doctor immediately before internal damage occurs. Even if you are able to breathe, some foreign objects can cause issues if you have swallowed them or they are stuck within your body.

What to Expect

When you come into iCare needing a foreign object removed from your body, treatment may progress in a variety of ways. Our team will assess whether your condition will be treated in the urgent care or the ER depending on symptoms, such as difficulty breathing, severe swelling, or excessive bleeding. A medical history interview and physical exam will occur. If the foreign object has been swallowed or inhaled, X-rays or CT scans may be necessary to locate it. After determining the exact location of the foreign object, our doctors will remove it. In the event that a patient requires more advanced care or hospitalization, iCare is able to transfer to local hospitals.