iCarePlus+ Terms + Conditions

Renewal Conditions: Initiation or subscription sign up of any iCarePlus+ plan, you are authorizing El Dorado Urgent Care to bill your credit card or checking account for the plan you have selected. By joining a iCarePlus+, you indicate you have read the terms and conditions of the plan. This plan will automatically renew at the end of your membership term unless you cancel your membership as described below, and your credit card or bank account will be automatically charged or drafted for the appropriate amount.

Minimum Commitment: The iCarePLUS subscription plan or membership requires a minimum term of three (3) paid months from the start date. After the completion of the minimum commitment, you may cancel your subscription/membership at any time by described methods mentioned below. Failure to complete the minimum commitment will result in the primary member being billed the full self-pay cost for any visit seen as an iCarePLUS member.

Termination Conditions: El Dorado Urgent Care reserves the right to terminate plan members from its plan for any reason, including, but not limited to, non-payment. If you fail to make payment within 7 business days your account will be suspended, your membership canceled and the primary member being billed the full self-pay cost for any visit seen as an iCarePLUS member.  You will be notified via e-mail should you be terminated from the plan. 

Cancellation Conditions:  El Dorado Urgent Care will accept cancellation requests at any time after the initial three (3) month and will stop collecting membership fees immediately; However, no refunds will be issued. To cancel your iCarePLUS+ membership visit the member’s online portal in the my account section and process the cancellation. 

Description of Services: See the iCare website for a specific description of the plan that you have purchased.

Disclosures, Limitations, Exclusions & Exceptions:  This plan is not health insurance or a health benefit plan.  This plan is considered direct primary care pursuant to Texas Occupation Code Ch. 162, Subchapter F. This plan is a discount membership program offered by El Dorado Urgent Care. El Dorado Urgent Care is not a licensed insurer, health maintenance organization, or other underwriter of health care services. You will receive a twenty percent (20%) discount off the self-pay emergency service rates should the treating provider determine such emergency services are medically necessary. You are obligated to pay for all health care services at the time of service. Savings are based upon the provider’s normal fees. Actual savings will vary depending upon specific services rendered. Please verify such services with each individual provider. 

The plan’s discounts may not be used in conjunction with any other discount plan or program. All listed or quoted prices are current prices by participating providers and subject to change without notice. Discounts on professional services are not available were prohibited by law. This plan does not discount all procedures. 

No portion of any provider’s fees will be reimbursed or otherwise paid by El Dorado Urgent Care. Providers are subject to change without notice. Providers contracted by El Dorado Urgent Care are solely responsible for the professional advice and treatment rendered to members.  

No charges paid subject to this plan will be eligible for reimbursement by your health insurer or benefit plan.

Complaint Procedure: If you would like to file a complaint regarding your plan membership, you must submit your complaint by e-mail to subscription@icare-er.com