Minor or Major Burns

One of the most important tools to help you get back to health is a proper diagnosis. At the iCare ER & Urgent Care Center in Frisco and Fort Worth, TX, we are equipped with a comprehensive radiology suite that is located onsite and contains contemporary diagnostic/testing equipment. With a licensed and certified radiologist available on staff, imaging results are returned quickly so you donโ€™t have to endure long wait times and can begin treatment faster. Our radiology suite contains the Siemens Somatom Scope CT, the Acuson X300 PE Ultrasound, and the AXIOM Multix MT Digital X-ray. This gives us the flexibility to diagnose and treat our patients in many different medical situations.
Our equipment in our radiology suite can provide quality diagnostic services for a vast number of conditions at iCare, such as:


iCare uses the Siemens Somatom Scope CT to provide CT imaging in a time-efficient manner and is an uncomplicated procedure for the patient. The Somatom Scope features UFCTM (Ultra Fast Ceramics) detector materials that create brighter images, the SureViewTM reconstruction algorithm for faster scan times, and the Iterative Reconstruction in Image Space (IRIS) for reduced image noise.


We have the Acuson X300 PE (Premium Addition) Ultrasound System, which provides high-quality imaging solutions for our patients. This mobile system is convenient, lightweight, and can be used for immediate results.


The AXIOM Multix MT Digital X-ray is set up with a floating tabletop to ensure convenient and accessible X-rays. With the ability to scan virtually any part of the body, this ultra-modern X-ray system provides fine-tuned and extremely detailed images.


Our radiologists are certified by the state of Texas. They have also taken the ImageWiselyยฎ pledge to only offer imaging when necessary to reduce the level of radiation emitted by the equipment for everyone’s safety. We are dedicated to your safety and comfort at iCare.


When you visit iCare for diagnostic or imaging purposes, our experienced team of physicians and radiologists will educate you and direct you through the process if you are new to the testing.

If a CT scan is necessary, you may be instructed to not eat or drink anything for the next a few hours before your scan, or to take certain medications 12 hours before the scan if you have certain allergies. Jewelry should be taken off and you may need to wear a gown. Once prepared, you will lie on a narrow table that will slide you into the scanner. Detectors and the X-ray tube will rotate around you, taking several images simultaneously. You will be able to communicate with the technician during the process through an intercom system.

If you are coming in for an ultrasound, our physicians may ask you to avoid food for 8 โ€“ 12 hours beforehand, since food can block views or distort the images. While wearing a gown, you will be asked to lie down on the exam table while our technician applies a lubricating jelly to your skin. The technician will then rub the ultrasound transducer across your skin, sending high-frequency sound waves through your body to create an image that the physician will then interpret.

If you are at iCare for an X-ray, you will be asked to remove any jewelry and possibly wear a lead apron to protect the other parts of your body. The technician will then go behind a barrier and direct the radiation beam through your body to generate images of your bones and tissues.

After any of the diagnostic procedures, you should be able to resume your day-to-day activities.