If you or a child has been exposed to poison, either through swallowing or through skin contact, symptoms may include redness or a burn around the mouth, vomiting, seizures, drowsiness or unconsciousness, confusion, agitation, and difficulty breathing.


We are very aware of the high medical costs that patients accrue when utilizing medical services. Our goal with iCare has been to treat both urgent and emergency care appropriately. Although under one facility, our emergency room and urgent care are two separate entities. Upon your arrival to iCare, our triage nurse will note your symptoms, chief complaint, vital signs, and overall condition. Based on our triage protocol, you will be sent to our urgent care or emergency room.

During our urgent care business hours, we will happily see you for minor problems. Your urgent care visit will be coded according to your specific urgent care visit and sent electronically to your insurance carrier. If your condition requires our emergency room, we will tell you ahead of time prior to the initiation of treatment. We will discuss with you our concerns, method of treatment, and possible costs as we want to have greater transparency in our billing while making the entire process less burdensome.


You can expect the best of both worlds at iCare, as we combine urgent care and emergency medical service in one location. Depending on the severity of your condition, our doctors will perform a physical exam and run necessary tests, such as a CT scan or blood tests. For your convenience, we have an onsite laboratory and imaging suite where our staff can have your diagnostic tests and digital images available within minutes. We want you to have your results quickly, especially when your iCare physician needs to make a treatment decision that could save your life.

We treat patients of all ages. You can be confident in your decision to bring your child to our emergency room. A majority of our emergency room doctors are residency trained to treat pediatric accidents and critical situations. Your child and children will be provided personalized service in a facility designed to meet their needs in the event of an emergency or illness. We understand that coming to the emergency room may be a scary and unusual time for you and your child. iCare ER & Urgent Care was intended to be calmer, less hectic, and a more child-friendly atmosphere compared to hospital-based emergency rooms.