Skin Rash Treatment


Be comfortable in getting skin rash treatment for rashes, insect bites, and poison ivy. The iCare ER & Urgent Care in Frisco and Fort Worth, TX are kept up-to-date with the latest technology and supplies in order to treat your skin injury at many levels of severity. Staffed with an experienced team of medical practitioners who can diagnose and treat you promptly and effectively, iCare is prepared for mild rashes, severe allergic reactions to insect bites, and everything in between.

A general rash is identifiable by its redness, itchiness, and red streaks. A heat rash usually develops on the head, neck, or shoulders and comes with small red dots or raised bumps. Hives are small bumps or raised areas with redness, and blisters are bumps filled with fluid. Poison ivy can present itself as either a general, itchy rash or a rash of blisters. Insect bites are generally raised and reddish bumps. They may be itchy and if infected, come with a host of other symptoms as described below that may require medical attention.

Types of Skin Injuries

Acute Rash
While some rashes are not seriously threatening, some symptoms necessitate a visit to iCare. If you attempt to treat your rash at home but it doesn’t go away after 7 days or even gets worse, you should come into iCare so that our trained team of medical practitioners can treat it. Other signs that you should seek medical treatment for your rash include fever, signs of infection, or sudden illness, or if your symptoms get so intense or painful that you are severely uncomfortable.

Insect Bite
Pesky bug bites can pose serious medical problems if you are allergic to the bug, if it carries a disease, if the bite gets infected, or if the bug is poisonous. If you begin experiencing wheezing, hives, nausea and vomiting, intense sneezing, difficulty swallowing, chest tightness, itching and swelling of the face, or difficulty breathing, you should immediately visit the iCare in Frisco or South Fort Worth, as you may be experiencing an allergic reaction. If you are bitten and begin to experience symptoms such as fever, headaches, fatigue, rash, body aches, or stiff neck, you should come into iCare to be tested for Lyme disease, West Nile Virus, or other diseases transmitted by insects.

Infected bug bites can also cause severe medical issues, so if redness or swelling continues for more than 72 hours and you develop a fever, you should seek medical care. Finally, if you are bitten and it develops into an open or ulcerating wound, you may have been bitten by a poisonous spider and should come into the iCare immediately.

Poison Ivy
Poison ivy, while irritating, can often be treated at home. However, if it is located or has spread to your genitals or to your face, especially the mouth or eyes, you should be seen by a medical professional. Additionally, if you have a fever, headache, pus, or severe redness, you should see one of our trained physicians as soon as possible.

Seeking Medical Care – Skin Rash Treatment

If you are experiencing mild to severe symptoms of a rash, an insect bite, or poison ivy, our experienced team at iCare can help. Whether you are located in Frisco or South Fort Worth, our team has the tools and experience to treat you. Our facilities also feature private and comfortable exam rooms, state-of-the-art medical laboratories, and a billing program that accepts most insurance plans. Come into the iCare get help for your skin injury.

What to Expect – Skin Rash Treatment

Depending on the type of skin injury and the severity, when you come into iCare, our physicians may treat you in either urgent care or an emergency room. Most often, only very severe allergic reactions to insect bites or poisonous bug bites will be treated in the emergency room. Your visit will begin with a physical exam and a medical history interview. One of our medical practitioners will ask you questions about your rash or insect bites to get a better understanding of your condition. Further tests, such as blood tests, may be required to diagnose your skin injury. Our onsite laboratory is CLIA/COLA-certified and equipped with quality technology so that your test results can be returned within 15 minutes. After your diagnosis, we will begin treatment as soon as possible, which will usually include either oral or topical medication.